CSS beginners' tutorial

Before you read this you should be competent with simple HTML as described on the HTML for beginners pages. They taught you to put content into a Web pages. CSS is about presenting that content nicely.

Hover over the links for a brief description.

  1. In-line CSS
  2. Embedded CSS stylesheets
  3. External CSS stylesheets
  4. Type selectors
  5. Class selectors
  6. ID selectors
  7. Pseudoclasses
  8. Cascading stylesheets
  9. Setting the colours in CSS
  10. Fonts in CSS
  11. Headings in CSS
  12. Aligning text in CSS
  13. Styling lists in CSS
  14. CSS and backgrounds
  15. Accessibility for Web sites
  16. Conclusions on XHTML and CSS so far
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