Beginners' Javascript tutorial

JavaScript is a series of text instructions to the browser. Technically it is scripting and not programming but you may see both words used. JavaScript can be used to add interactivity to a Web page so that the user can change it after it has loaded. XHTML creates the page, CSS formats it and then JavaScript changes the content or the way the content looks.

These pages assume you know the basics of programming, the basics of HTML and the basics of CSS so if you do not you should go to those tutorials first.

Hover over the links for a brief description.

  1. Your first Javascript page
  2. Your first Javascript event
  3. Your first Javascript function
  4. Your first Javascript object
  5. Using Javascript to change in-line styles
  6. Javascript and stylesheets
  7. Javascript getElementById
  8. Obtaining values with Javascript
  9. Javascript variables
  10. Passing values to Javascript functions
  11. Javascript events
  12. Attributes of Javascript events
  13. How to trigger Javascript attached to links
  14. Javascript IF statements
  15. Javascript IF conditions
  16. Javascript innerHTML and innerText
  17. Javascript browser compatibility
  18. Changing element attributes
  19. Adding HTML elements with Javascript
  20. Some finishing thoughts on Javascript
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