Web development tutorials

These tutorials are designed to be done in order. Make sure you do stuff not just read.

Hover over the links for a brief description.

Beginners Tutorials

These try to give you the minimum required for you to create interesting pages.

Static Web site creation skills

  1. Essential background information on HTML and the Web
  2. Introducing HTML
  3. Introducing CSS

Dynamic Web pages

  1. Essential background information on programming
  2. Introducing JavaScript
  3. Introducing PHP

Web databases

  1. Essential background information on databases
  2. Introducing MySQL
  3. Introducing Ajax

Intermediate tutorials

These take you from the basics above and try to tell you other stuff which most people will find useful.

  1. More helpful information which doesn't fit anywhere else
  2. Intermediate XHTML
  3. Intermediate CSS
  4. Intermediate JavaScript
  5. Intermediate PHP
  6. Intermediate MySQL
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