Save a new page

Save a copy of this first page by saving it with a new name (music.html).  In Notepad and many other editors use the menu and choose File then Save As.  Make sure that the drop down box at the bottom says All files.  Change the name of the file to music.html.  Press Save.

Web development involves a lot of copying stuff you have done already and changing it.  It saves time and effort!


Delete the text inside the title tags (My Music) but leave the tags alone.  Delete the text inside the h1 tags.  Delete both paragraphs including the tags and the text.

New content

Type in some new title text between the title tags.  Make it Music I Like.  Put the same text between the h1 tags.

Now add a new tag on the blank line where the paragraphs used to be.  This is a tag for an image:

<img src="charlene.jpg" alt="A photo of Charlene">

If you noticed something weird about that tag don't worry it will be explained later.  If not don't go looking as it doesn't matter.  The tag also includes some extra information for the browser.  These attributes will be explained later but hopefully you can see that the first one tells the browser where the image file is.

This is what you should now have:

The HTML for the second page so far

Save the file and go to the folder where you saved it.  Double click on it to open it in a browser.  The image should be missing but the words A photo of Charlene should appear in it’s place.  The alt text appears any time an image does not work.

Go back to the folder which you downloaded.  Copy the file called charlene.jpg and paste it into the folder alongside your two Web pages.  Refresh the browser and you should now see the image on the page.  If not you should check your spelling of the image file name as that is the most common mistake.

More images

Add two more images in the same way.  In your text editor put them on new blank lines under the first image.  Copy and paste is good then change the file names src and the alt text.  Use the file names of other two images you downloaded from this site (jonas.jpg and jonas2.jpg).  When you view them in the browser they should appear (but next to the first one).  If not check your spelling and make sure the extension (jpg) is right as well.

If you are lucky enough not to know who Charlene or The Jonas Brothers are then be grateful.  Just accept they may not have made the best music ever.