Open sqlconnect.php and save as sqlcreatedb.php

This will only work if you have the authority to create database on your database server.  In XAMPP (as the user root) you do.  On a proper server it will depend what powers you have been given.  Cheap hosting companies will not normally let you.  So the code on this page will only work if you have that authority.  You still need to try it though as there is some stuff you need to know.

You only need to create each database once so you will rarely use this code (and you will later learn an easier way anyway).  Add this code under the single line already there which connects to the database server:

mysqli_query($dbconnection, "CREATE DATABASE ywstutorial;");

Before you try this have a look.  The PHP function mysqli_query() is how you send queries to the SQL server.  $dbconnection is your link to your server as created int he first line of code.  The bit in quotes is the actual query (the instructions to the server) and should make sense to you because SQL is close to English.  Note that SQL commands are traditionally written in capitals to make them stand out.  The text which is not in capitals is the name of the new database.

Save, upload and try the page and you should get a blank Web page in your browser.  If you get an error something is wrong.  Check your code unless you know it is your hosting company who do not let you create databases.  If that is the case you will need to use the database they gave you for the rest of this tutorial (so when you see ywstutorial as the database name just use the name you have been given).  Don't worry everything will work the same from now on.