Open your PHP template and save it as sqlprintr.php.  Paste this line into the middle PHP block:

$sqlResult=mysqli_query($dbconnection, "SELECT personalName, familyName FROM first;") or die("Selecting data failed: ".mysqli_error($dbconnection));

Look at that line of code:

This is the commonest form of query so make sure you understand the structure.

Open sqlshowtables.php and copy the whole while loop.  That means the word while, the braces and everything inside the braces.  Paste that into sqlprintr.php just under the first line of code in the middle PHP block (under the query).

Have a look at that and you should understand it as you have seen all of the parts before.  After SELECT gets the rows (records) from the table the loop:

Try it and you should get three (or maybe more) pairs of names which you inserted with code and the form earlier.  Something like this:

    [0] => Fred
    [personalName] => Fred
    [1] => Bloggs
    [familyName] => Bloggs
    [0] => ss
    [personalName] => ss
    [1] => wee
    [familyName] => wee