Save sqlprintr.php as sqlpara.php.  Inside the while loop delete both echo lines and the print_r line.  Where they were paste this:


You saw that $sqlRow was an array when you used print_r to output it.  All you are doing now is taking the two elements in that array and putting them into variables.

Now do something with those variables by pasting this under the two variable lines:

echo "<p>Hello $personalName.  How is the $familyName family?</p>";

Save and try.  You should see a paragraph complete with names for each row in your table.

A hidden crucial point reached

You may not realise it but what you have just done is the foundation for the modern Web.  It is hard to find a site which is not made up of text mixed in with stuff from a database.  All of the most successful sites use this to a point and many do almost nothing else.  Facebook, Twitter and any other social network.  Ebay, Amazon and any other e-commerce site.  At a basic level you now know enough to create your own version of those sites.

Maybe a bit more learning first though.