Having three or more similar paragraphs for repeating data is not considered the right way.  Instead you might put those similar things in a list.

Save sqlpara.php as sqllist.php

Before the while line add a new blank line.  On that line use echo to show a paragraph saying Current employees: (remember the opening and closing tags).

Under that on a new line echo just an opening ul tag to start a list.  Underneath the whole while loop (so as a new last line of code in this block and just after the closing curly bracket) echo the closing ul tag.

You now have:

Now you need to amend the loop to echo the list items instead of paragraphs.  Change the p tags to li tags.  Remove all text leaving just the variables and a space between them.

Save and try.  You should see something like this:

A simple bullet list

Now would be a good time to right click on a blank area of the Web page in the browser.  Choose to View page source (or similar).  Select all of that code with ctrl and a on your keyboard or using your mouse.  Copy it and paste it into the W3C validation page.  You need to check that the HTML you have generated with PHP (and SQL) is valid.