You have used loops in PHP to go through rows of database data:

while ($sqlRow=mysqli_fetch_array($sqlResult)){
    echo "<li>$personalName $familyName</li>";

This goes through each entry in the database and outputs a list into the HTML page.

While loops

These work while something is true.  Once it stops being true the loop stops.  In the above example it runs while there is another row of data in the table.  Most functions return a message meaning false when they are not able to do their job probably.  This means that when a function fails the while statement receives a message saying false and stops looping.

Loops which run a set number of times

In JavaScript and PHP these are known as for loops.  You will learn the structure soon but for now you should realise that it is useful to have a loop which will do something a set number of times with a structure something like this:

for (some set of rules resulting in a number limit being reached) {

   do the stuff here