This is a page which allows the users to order sandwiches.  So you need to display the food and have a form for ordering.  The overall structure should be the same as the first page (links, heading and footer).

The customers must be able to choose what they want:

The finished page

You will need:

Once the form is complete you should get results something like this when it is submitted (if not check names and IDs):

You seem to have used POST to send your form. Here is the data:

    [filling] => chicken
    [style] => roll
    [bread] => brown
    [spread] => margarine
    [pickle] => pickle
    [address] => 1 the street
    [comments] => 

Also check that your radio buttons only let you select one or the other and that all the other fields let you enter valid data which is all properly sent.  Keep validating the HTML!