The top of all pages should look like this when you are done:

The navigation bar and backgrounds.


Download a good font (Pandora likes Vertigo) to your styles folder and make it work with @font-face (remember @font-face only makes the font available and then you need to use the font in a rule set).  Include Verdana as a fall-back font.  Set the font size to 20px;


Pandora likes pink.  Set the background colour with rgb and test it.  Now add a tiled background texture using this image (which has a transparent background so you can see the colour through it).  Make sure you save it to your images folder and use relative addressing to point to it from the style sheet (which is in the style folder so you will need ..).


Make the main h1 heading and the copyright notice centered (text centering).

Content through content

So that the image and the paragraphs do not appear through the nav bar give the nav element a background colour.  Slightly lighter but the same hue (no opacity).