The finished testimonials pageThis page should be messed up because of the styling of the links.  This page has two sets of links.  The links to other pages should be right.  The internal links (stars) should not look like the links at the top of the page but they do (they should not be floated on one line).  To fix this:

  1. give the nav on every page (all four) the class name mainnav (you could use an ID if you prefer as it only appears once on each page)
  2. in the external style sheet look for the three rule sets which currently style those links with the selectors nav, nav > div and nav a
  3. don't delete anything!
  4. add the class name mainnav after the nav type selector for each of the three rule sets (e.g. nav.mainnav)

Now the star links should be back on the left but the top links should look the same as they have since you first styled them.  They look a bit weird with the underline though so get rid of that by giving them a class reviewlinks and changing the text decoration.

The reviews themselves take up too much space for Pandora to be happy so give the five sections the class name review.  Now create a rule set for and:

Create a new rule set for h2 headings which are children of  Set the top margin to 3px to move the headings nearer to the top.

Now she thinks the sections are hard to tell apart so put a border around each one plus give them a decent margin and padding.  Also add a box shadow.