You should have already learned how to create a basic Web page in the introductory tutorial so now create a new blank page in your chosen editor:

  1. create a folder and call it beginnerssite (remember no spaces in Web file names)Saving the basic HTML tags
  2. open your chosen editor
  3. create a new blank document (or use the one it might give you)
  4. type in the basic HTML tags (html head title /title /head body /body /html)
  5. save the file in the new folder as textonly.html (remember the file type drop down and do not to save it as a text file - choose HTML or all files/all types)

Now paste this code between the body tags on a blank line:

<h1>HTML does words</h1>
<p>Words may be boring but there are few sites without words on them.</p>
<p>This is another paragraph.</p>

Save the file again.  Double click on it in the folder and load it in a browser to check.  You should see a heading (bigger and bolder) and two paragraphs.

Note that many editors also allow you to launch pages in browsers from their menu.

Using Notepad++ to lauch the page in a browser