Open phpvariables.php and save it as phpdate.php.  At the end of the PHP (after the echo of the number of months) add this code:

echo "<p>As today is $date</p>";

Save, upload and try.  The date function allows you to format dates any way you want.  The formatting is done by the letters inside the quotes.  Make these changes:

There are many other options as shown in the table on this page.  For example this is the international standard way of showing dates and times:


and this is the W3C standard way:


Create some more lines of PHP to show those two as well as the first example.

If you used the same variable name ($date) for all it will work and is not a problem.  However, it might be best to have different variable names so that all three formats are available for using again.  If you assign another value to a variable it replaces the original one.

Times and dates other than now

As well as saying what the date is now you can ask for a formatted date best on any time.  The time has to be provided as the number of seconds since 1st January 1970 (known as a Unix timestamp):

$date=date("Y:m:d", 3600);

Don't worry too much about this as SQL is better at dates than PHP so you may not need to do much with PHP and dates once you learn SQL.