On proper servers

If you have a proper Web hosting provider then you probably have some form of control panel.  Within that is probably a menu entry for database administration.  That is probably PHPMyAdmin.  Different servers may have slightly different versions but the basics stay much the same.  If you do not have a control panel try:




Replace yourserver.com with the correct address of the server.  You should be asked for a username and password and this should be the ones you used when you connected to the database using PHP.

On XAMPPThe PHPMyAdmin front page

Both localhost/phpmyadmin and should work.  By default you will not need a password as XAMPP is not secure.

The front page

Once started you should see a front page with:

Check the settings but only one probably needs explanation.  The server's connection collation is what set of text characters to use in queries.  If utf8_general_ci or utf8_general_mysql500_ci are selected then leave it as it is.  If not consider changing.  These two provide all symbols for most character-based languages used (so not languages such as Mandarin or Kanji).