In this practise you create and style a simple three page site.  Then add some JavaScript, PHP and a database.  The site will be the basis for future practise as well.  Everything you do should already be in some of the pages you have created but will need tweaking and putting together.  You will get much less help this time in the hope you will either remember how or have the confidence to find out.  If not maybe you should go back and work through some of the tutorial again.

Your client - The Tuck Inn

This is a restaurant in Newquay which has two main sets of clients. In the evenings they attract a lot of holiday trade and at lunchtimes they get a lot of local office and shop workers coming in. They offer a range of fairly common foods plus an oriental and Italian range as specials depending on the day and time of year. Although they are not the cheapest way to eat they do aim to keep costs down, especially at lunchtime.

They want to advertise their menus to both sets of customers. The Inn tends to be quite a bright and vibrant place and they want the Web site to be reasonably lively and attractive as well. They would like to have a simple welcome page, a page which shows some food and a page to allow people to find them (with an interactive Google map) and a contact form which people can use to ask for further information.

Your aim

At first this site will not necessarily be the best you could do.  Get it done simply and later you can improve it.  You have to provide what the client asks for but no more.  This will also make it easier to add stuff later.

If you want you can change the business name and location but that will mean a little more work in creating your own banner image and text.  Make sure the layout and structure stays the same as described here though.


Remember to comment your code.