To illustrate editing you first need to create a second table just like you did the first one.  This is what to do:

If you spotted a mistake in that well done but ignore it for now.  If you didn't look for it! 

Depending on the version of PHPMyAdmin you might be able to preview the SQL code which is about to be sent to the server.  If you have a preview on the screen click on Preview SQL.  What you see should remind you of what you did in the Beginner tutorial to create a new SQL table.  PHPMyAdmin is clever but not mysterious.  You click on things and it builds SQL queries to do what you want done.  At all stages it leThe SQL which will create the second tablets you view and even edit the SQL just like you did to create and edit tables before.  The screenshot here shows the code so if you could not Preview look here.

Now press Close and then Save.

Editing tables

We need to fix that mistake in secondtable now.  Click on the pencil or the word Change in the Action column for trackTitle


Feel free to create and fiddle with more tables but do not change these two.  Some considerations: