You already created an HTML list to display SQL data.  A table is the same principle:

get the data

echo the opening tag (ul or table)

loop through the rows/items displaying the data

echo the closing tag

Open sqllist.php from the beginnerssite folder and save it as sqltable.php in the intermediatesite folder.  It has probably been a while since you looked at this so go through the code, try the page and understand it.  If not you should go back and do it again.  Only then you should do this:The table with data

  1. edit the echo line for the opening ul tag so that it outputs an opening table tag instead
  2. under it create a new blank line (before the while) and:
    1. add a opening table row tag (tr)
    2. on another new line add two th elements with appropriate headings in them (Personal name and Family name?)
    3. on another new line add the closing /tr tag
  3. inside the while loop instead of the list items change the code to output one table row each time through the loop:
    1. add an an opening tr tag
    2. in the echo line:
      1. delete the li tags
      2. above the line with the two variables echo the opening tr
      3. put td and /td tags around each variable
      4. below the line with the two variables echo the closing /tr
    3. add the closing /tr tag
  4. after the end of the loop edit the last echo to close the table instead of a list

Save and try the page.  If it appears to work right click (in the browser) on a blank area of the page and view the source.  Copy that and paste it into the W3C validator.  If you have any errors fix them in the PHP.  It might help to spot the problems if you add tabs and new lines to the echo lines as explained previously.

HTML tables are a very efficient way to display database content when there are many rows/records and many fields/columns.