If you have fully understood what you have learned about HTML, PHP and SQL then you should find this straightforward.  Anyone who is not that sort of genius is going to struggle because this is where you have to combine those things and remember how each one works.  It is real Web development and it is hard.  Having said that if you take it step-by-step you will get there.  Just don't be afraid to go back and re-learn things you have forgotten.  All of this has been done by you before.

In the folder intpractise you should have a working site for Pandora's business.  We are about to improve a few things:

  1. the product information page will take data from a table in a database
  2. the available products in the form will come from a database and not be hard coded in PHP
  3. logging in will be more flexible and will use the database
  4. products can only be added, edited or deleted by a logged in user who is a staff member or an admin
  5. when a customer orders something the details will be stored in a database table
  6. only staff will be able to see orders

There is much more you can do with a database once you get started so make a note of any ideas you come up with and try them later.  This practise tries to keep things simple but there is no obvious limit to what could be done to improve the site once you have all five Web technologies involved.