If you have had enough then give up now.  If you are enjoying HTML and CSS try doing some of the stuff below as soon as you have made a back up copy of the folder.

Things you could add

Doing more practise makes you better at anything so try any or all of the suggestions below:

  1. change the background colour for the page (body)
  2. change the text colour until you like it
  3. re-make the pages about music and artists you actually like by changing the text and images
  4. add more text and images
  5. set the width and height of each div so that the image fits perfectly with no gaps
  6. h1 makes a main heading so add a smaller heading (h2) above the Charlene picture in music.html and another one above the Jonas pictures (also h2) to structure the page better
  7. instead of border-style:solid; try some others (do a Web search for CSS border-style)
  8. in default.css add some more lines to the div rule using padding:20px; and margin:30px; then change the numbers until you like the way music.html looks
  9. do whatever you want to make the pages better (or worse)