Make a new blank line between the two body tags.  This is where you will put everything which you want to appear in the browser.  Your code now looks like this (check for mistakes by comparing now):



Type My Music on the blank line.  This will become the heading for the page.The text in a browser

Save the file and go to your browser.  Refresh or reload the page (F5 on your keyboard).  You should see the words you typed but they are not really a heading.


To make it a heading you need to place tags around the text so it looks like this:

<h1>My Music</h1>

That is an h followed by the number one (not a lower case l or an upper case I).  It is the biggest type of heading.  Later you will use h2, h3 etc. for smaller headings.

Save the file and refresh your browser and you should now have a heading.  It should be bigger and bolder.


Put a new blank line under the heading line.  On that line put these two tags: <p></p>.  Copy those tags and paste them on a new blank line underneath.  You should now have the h1 heading followed by two lines with p tags on them.  Save and view in the browser and nothing should have changed because the paragraphs are empty.

In the folder you downloaded at the start is a file called text.  Open it and copy the first paragraph of text and paste it between the first pair of p tags like this:

<p>text goes here</p>

Paste the second paragraph of text between the second pair of tags.  Save and view in browser.  You should see the text in two paragraphs.  Without the paragraph tags the browser would not know how to display the text.  Try deleting the tags to see the effect.  Then put them back.