First adapt the form to use data from the database:

  1. in the productinfo table:The new product type field
    1. on the Structure tab add a new field after productID but before productName, call it productType and make it varchar length 30
    2. on the Browse tab put some data into the new field:
      1. for items which come in the main filling drop down put filling
      2. for items which are in the style of bread drop down put style
      3. for the types of bread put bread
  2. in products.php:
    1. leave the filling select element and the first (empty) option element alone but replace all of the other option elements with some new code:
      1. a PHP block to contain the new code
      2. a query which gets productID and productName WHERE productType is filling
      3. a while loop which outputs the option elements with the value attribute set to productID and the text content to productName
    2. do the same sort of thing for the other two drop downs by changing the WHERE condition

The page should look exactly the same when you are done.