When you create a paragraph it leaves a blank line between it and other paragraphs.  If you do not want that blank line you can use br tags to break up text but keep it together.  Create a page called linebreak.html by opening textonly.html and saving it with the new name.

Add a new heading at the bottom called Line breaks and then:Page with no line breaks between bits of the address

  1. put an empty paragraph element (opening and closing tags)
  2. inside those put an address (make one up) with each line of the address on a new line but without adding any more paragraph tags
  3. try it and it should look like the one here
  4. now add <br> tags at the end of each line of the address (no opening/closing tags as this is a self closing tag so goes on it's own)

At the top of the page you can see the effect of paragraph elements.  At the bottom is the effect of line breaks.  Use whichever one looks best apart from one important consideration.  Paragraph tags enclose a block of text which is a paragraph.  They tell the browser that it is a paragraph.  Line breaks do not do the same.  So make sure you always put the text inside a paragraph element (like you did here) and only add br tags to tweak the layout.

Line breaks in place